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Stathis Vlachos


Stathis Vlachos is the Co-Founder & Co-CEO of the Information Technology company iLink New Technologies. Stathis has 20 years of experience in engineering, entrepreneurship, and business management. He has worked as an engineer at Hellenic Telecommunications Organization and Siemens AG on various international software and telecoms projects. Stathis co-founded iLink and has been involved in the management and strategy of the company, as well as core technology product design. His technological interests include optimization algorithms, AI/ML for forecasting, IoT sensor networks and systems engineering. Stathis holds a MEng degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from NTU Athens and a MSc and DIC in Communication and Signal Processing from Imperial College London. He has been a board member of SEKEE cluster of innovation and a public speaker at several conferences and events.

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