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Mihai Manescu


Mihai is a writer, producer, and communications specialist, known especially for his film “The Wishing Tree: Childhood Memories”, where he is a writer and a producer. He graduated from the National Film School of Romania in 2007 and got his PhD in cinema and media in 2011. He teaches screenwriting at Hyperion University and hosts classes of corporate storytelling, his work being influenced by the principles of the Hero’s Journey created by renown Mythology professor Joseph Campbell. For 6 years, Mihai Mănescu coordinated the communications department of HOSPICE Casa Speranței, the leading medical NGO in Romania offering palliative care services. Here he developed and implemented the strategy and communications campaign of the organization, that helped it raise income of more than 10 million Euros. Since 2022, Mihai has joined the team of Streams.live as the Customer Success Manager, combining his experience in film production with the one in communications and fundraising, in order to develop the Live Stream Shopping markets in Romania and EMEA.

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