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Andrei Radu


For the last 18 years, Andrei Radu has been the CEO & Founder of GPeC – the most important E-Commerce and Digital Marketing event in Romania and Eastern Europe – and Co-founder of TRUSTED.ro – the National Program for Online Shops Certification which he founded together with Legi-Internet.ro and the Romanian Association for Consumer Protection. Since March 2021, he is the presenter of the ePlan show – the first e-commerce & digital marketing show, produced by Pro TV. He is an User Experience and E-Commerce specialist and offers specialized consulting regarding the Romanian and Eastern European e-commerce markets and the business opportunities inside these markets. Andrei offers training on the topics of Usability and Customer Experience, as he is invited to speak at various related conferences and workshops, both local and international.

Събития, в които Andrei Radu участва